Summer 2019 Schedule

Camp location: The world of kidtropolis (110-5940 no. 2 road richmond, BC V7C4R9)


What will my child learn?

Both camps will cover all the important business concepts such branding, marketing, pricing etc.  

In both camps, Kidpreneurs will experience making their products, advertising it, engaging sales and customer service.

Group Business vs Solo Entrepreneur

Lemonade Stand Challenge: 

Children attending a challenge will experience working on a business with a partner or as part of a group. Similar to what it is like to be in a partnership or corporation.  Decision making, brainstorming and work is distributed amongst the team members.  This also means that profit is split as well! 

KidPreneur Camp: 

Kidpreneurs will be working on their business on their own.  Decision making, looking for resources, product making, marketing will all be done by them. Sole business means that profit they make is theirs to keep! 

What Kind of Business?

Lemonade Stand Challenge:

Kid campers will innovate an existing business such as a lemonade stand.  Most of the materials for the challenge will be provided.

KidPreneur Camp:

KidPreneurs will  come up with their own idea and start their own business.  Kidpreneurs are responsible for purchasing their own materials and working on  their products.    

Market Day?

Lemonade Stand Challenge: 

The challenge will be on the last day of camp.  

Kidpreneur Camp

Market Day is scheduled for the end of summer giving each Kidpreneur enough time to make their products and prepare for Market Day. 

Money Matters

Lemonade Stand Challenge 

Money is donated to the team's chosen charity.  But don't worry! We give the Kidpreneurs a special treat as a thank you for their hardwork. 

Kidpreneur Camp

 Children keep their money earned on Market Day.  Kidpreneurs will learn how to budget and plan for what to do with their money.

Can they join both?

Of course! No two businesses are alike!  KidPreneurs are encouraged to attend both camps to experience what it is like to be in different business situation and structure.